The Ultimate travel guide in Beechworth, north east victoria

Beechworth Region

Come and say hello at Glenbosch Wine Estate

This historic township is located on the northern edge of North East Victoria. Although it is small (3900 population) it has a long, exciting history.

From the bustling town during the gold rush to the Courthouse where Ned Kelly stood trial, to the trendy wines and ciderries that now surround the town and the beautiful nature reserves surrounding the town.

There are plenty of fun to see in the city. Are there things that can be done in Beechworth Victoria?

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Discover the Flame Trees 

Flame tree stands at a 5-kilometer run down the Rail Path from Beechwood to Everton at old Baarmutha train station.

Alternately, there’ll be a short ride from downtown Diffey Road to the railway crossing and parking areas. This place suits both beginners and advanced riders since it consists mainly of rocks and gradients.

The boulder posed a comparatively higher challenge on the accomplished riders. On its way you will see one of the parking spaces where Diffey Drive crosses the rail route and the trailhead is marked. Follow the signs that lead you along the railway trail to the right.

Visiting beechworth Historic Gaol

beechworth courthouse  19th century

The Old city was constructed in 1859 and operates until January 2005. During the events that led to the executions of Ned Kelly, it had been home to Ned’s mother, Ellen Kelly. Brothers Kelly and Kelly’s family.

Visits are conducted daily to the jails, and there’s an eatery there. We didn’t go on a sightseeing trip due to lack of time so we wanted to visit the city again. Beechworth, Gaoler.

Drink & eat at Glenbosch Wine Estate

popular venue

Nestled in the picturesque Beechworth region of northeast Victoria, Glenbosch Wine Estate is a highlight on any visit to Australia’s wine capital. The estate’s award-winning range of wines provide an idyllic experience while also catering to every palate.

From their white wines, characterized by subtle fruit flavours and refreshing acidity, to their bold and complex reds taking inspiration from French styles, there is sure to be something for everyone. If you are looking for something truly special, be sure to book the ‘Sommelier Experiences’ tour at Glenbosch for a unique opportunity to explore the winery in depth with your own personal guide.

They will help you gain a greater appreciation of the nuances that make each bottle so exceptional. Don’t miss out on experiencing this gem!

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Stroll along Ford Street

photogenic town (located) sub treasury

This picture is taken on a street that runs through Camp Street but Ford Street crosses Camp Street at the roundabout. Ford Street has been lined with gold-rush buildings dating from the 19th century with foot trails adorned with verandae.

Stroll along the street to see all the beauty of the rural Victorian town and to admire the old cars that are located albert road and near the garages above the town. It is impossible to find any other more scenic location to travel around Victoria or Australia.

Echoes of History Historic and Cultural Precinct

beechworth telegraph station main street

The historical and cultural past is an extensive collection of authentic Victorian government structures which are the most historic and significant. There are the police headquarters and a number of other places.

The borough is dotted with courts, railway stations, Burke museums, Gold and Subtreasury. Wards Offices. stone locks, police stable locks, timber locks and police reserve. Harry powers cells and Powders.

Admission fee is $15 per adult and is valid for entry into the Courthouse Burke Museum and the Ned Kelly vaults, and includes a walk around the building. We went on self exploration and did not take the trip, so it is worth the cost.

Beechworth Chinese Gardens

picturesque recreation reserve north east victoria

The gold rush of 1850 saw many Chinese citizens move towards the city in order to find success. The Beechworth Chinese Gardens have been built to honor the wealth of Chinese heritage of the city.

The Gardens of China use Feng Shui. The Chinese Garden is surrounded by several ponds as well as extensive plantations. This building is located at 100 Ford St, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia. Please enjoy the day in a clean park.

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Where to stay in Beechworth

popular destination

This beautiful place has numerous beautiful cottages and several lovely hotels. You can’t find better accommodation in the area. Here’s a few places in beechworth accommodation I’d recommend when booking your hotel.

Beechworth cottages for a rustic retreat

Glenbosch cottage offers an unforgettable rustic retreat in the centre of the picturesque region. From the seclusion of your own private cottage surrounded by nature, you can take time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Farm stays and Beechworth wineries in the countryside

A farm stay offers much more than just a room with a bed for the night, as guests can explore the land and interact with native wildlife like kangaroos and emus. For wine connoisseurs, family-run wineries like Glenbosch offer unique selection and insight into viticulture.

Beechworth hotels & eco-friendly glamping options

From luxurious boutique hotels offering pampered rooms with all the amenities, to eco-friendly glamping experiences that will have you feeling relaxed and close to nature, Beechworth has something for every traveler who values comfort and class.

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See old hospital in Beechworth

discover scenic views

The Ovens District Hospital from 1856 was the biggest hospital between Melbourne and Sydney for a decade as a single hospital between the Melbourne capital and Goulburn. Its original facade has been replaced but remains an attractive feature on Church Street — just a block away at the center of town.

These haunting ruins are now listed by the Victorian Government as having a historic architectural significance. Please contact Beechworth Australia.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Beechworth, The Goldrush and The Kelly Gang

ned kelly vault bushranger ned kelly

In April 1853, gold was discovered near spring creek in Beechworth. 8000 prospective gold seekers arrived at Beechworth in less than a year and made Beechworth a bustling centre of activity.

The abundance created at the Gold Rush prompted the building of Beechworth. Many of them remain today. By 1857 nearly 20,000 from all over the world were able to find Beechworth as their home and this allowed for banking institutions, colleges, hotel facilities in a prison church, a shop and hospitals to be built.

The rural village has become urban centres. Beechworth is the oldest gold mining village with 31 buildings listed by the National Trust.

Newton Bridge and Spring Creek Falls

water and boating activities

Newton Bridge is tucked away in the entrance to Beechworth and offers a great illustration of the fantastic stone-masons who worked in the days.

In the early 1850s, the original wooden bridge has been reconstructed as a stone bridge. The Spring Creek view from the bridge is spectacular. Newton Bridge & Spring Creek Falls.

Visit the Woolshed Falls

short drive picnic tables

It is situated within the Chilters Mount Pilot National Park. The Woolshed Falls have been regarded as a popular place for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

Previously these areas occupied a major gold mine and one of Australia’s most valuable goldfield areas. Okay, this is awesome. Why?

The woolshed falls can be visited in 10 minutes from Beechworth in the direction of North. We are able to see cascading falls and have fun. Take your seat on the observation deck for breathtaking views of fall, the valleys below and the valleys below.

Visit the Old Beechworth Gaol

hospital closed

Founded in 1859 on the initial Stockade site in Beechworth from 1864 to 1859. Constructions on this goal were completed between 1857 and 1864. The Beechworth Gaol was opened at the end of 1860 holding 132 detainees.

I can remember walking through this gaol screaming at the prisoners at our kindergarten camp. Old Beechworth Gaole is famous for a prominent prison guard Ned Kelly. The six year period lasted from 1871 to 1882 and he was again convicted of the crime at an inmates’ trial.

This week the Beechworth Gaol will be open to the public and tours can take place daily between 11am and 1pm.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Gorge Scenic Drive

walking tour

This is an essential moment. A 5K one-way journey with beautiful views over Beechworth, The Woolshed Valley and Newton Bridges and Falls.

Along that journey you have places to go out in and get into your vehicle to photograph yourself. When you have the opportunity, you can see a spectacular Sunset at Woodshed Valley.

Stand trial at the beechworth courthouse

court house

Unlike most courts which are open to the public, you have the freedom to explore the court house without ropes and without warning. Besides standing there you can also stand on the bench of a judge.

Watch in courthouse at jury box. Then go to the room where the prisoners were kept and sit down and talk about all the stories about them. The courthouse is open from 10:00 to 18:00 p.m.; the last time is from 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. Tickets can be obtained from the Courthouse at Info center.

Visit the Telegraph Station

busiest telegraph stations

Telephone stations were built between 1858 and 1908. It is a very preserved building that makes up the Heritage Museum.

Its Telegraph Station also provides an excellent home for pioneers’work of the first surveyors who planned Beechworth’s streetscape. The building has remained a major telegraph hub worldwide and is governed in part by the International Morse Code Fraternity.

Beechworth Carriage Museum

located australia easily accessible

The Beechworth Carriage Museum is a national trust collection of horsedrawn cars and tie-ups that recall transport in the early and late 20th century.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Visit beechworth and Eat or taste the wines at Glenbosch Wine Estate

located cellar door in high country

Nestled in the picturesque Beechworth region of northeast Victoria, Glenbosch Wine Estate is a highlight on any visit to Australia’s wine capital. The estate’s award-winning range of wines provide an idyllic experience while also catering to every palate.

Evenings at Lake Sambell

caravan park small town

The Lake Sambell is just a few steps from Beechworth’s center and is a scenic recreational reserve. It’s also a popular location to enjoy water and boat trips. This is an early mining site at Rocky Mountain Mine Company.

In the late 1920s it was transformed as a leisure lake and recreation site for the Beechworth residents. It is situated in Caravan Park no. 20 Peach Drive, Beechworth, VICC Australia. 3747.

Golden Horseshoe Monument

richest goldfields australia kelly gang

The Golden Horseshoe Monument commemorates where in 1855 an equidistant horse wore gold shoes and was driven to town by candidate Donald Cameron. Telegraphs. Built in 1863 as a brewery it houses a superb collection of brewing and bottle displays.

The following products can be ordered: beer, cider, wine, soda or springwater. If he needs a haircut at the hotel, there’s someone who can do it. Wayo tested that too!!!

Beechworth Visitors Centre

information centre powder magazine

It is always our first stop in order for visitors to see maps and to ask locals what they want the best sights and activities. The visitor centre in Beechworth lies in the town hall, a stunning stone construction in the village of Beechworth.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Beechworth Honey Experience

beechworth honey powder magazine

Make a trip around Beeechwood Honey’s Experience and see the fascinating Beeechworth Honey story and beechworth honey shop. Get up close and take a free honey tour and try Australian honey.

Taste some local brews at Bridge Road Brewers

ford street tours operate daily

Bridge Street Brewery is an amazing place to eat. The place has a very relaxed atmosphere with an amazing fireplace during winter.

Take out your pizza for some local beer. Sitting outside drinking is an excellent way to spend summer evenings with local and international visitors.

Grab a treat at the famous Beechworth Bakery

provenance restaurant australia

Visiting the Beechworth Bakery is a very worthwhile visit if you have been on Beechworth for a long time. They have a great assortment of cakes. The restaurant provides a good number of seats in the house or upstairs on the terrace or the street, so the food feels very good.

The bakery is again extremely busy and I suggest avoiding normal lunch hours by taking an early lunch or grabbing a takeaway or just grabbing a snack and enjoying it at the park.

This Victoria bakery is renowned and with good reason. Beechworth Bakery is expanding to Bendigo and Healsville now!

Catch gold fever at the Beechworth Gold Gift Shop

post office holding cells

It’s not just a retail outlet, it’s an homage to the gold era of Beechworth.

From original photos and info on gold rushes. You can discover the gold vault to see your name, or look at gold horse shoes, the huge gold nugget and stunning gem galleries.

Naturally there is an array of beautiful jewelry from necklaces and earrings, bracelets and earrings to just one.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Do echoes of history walking tour

burke museum short stroll

Take a guided walk through the historic district of Beechworth and see the rich history of the city. Each of these tours is guided by a highly skilled guide wearing period costume and entails vivid detail stories about the Beechworths past including figures of historical significance including archipelastic explorer Robert A. HARRA BRUCE and bushranger Ned JENN.


I hope this guide is helpful. Don’t forget to visit us at Glenbosch Wine Estate and taste our artisanal products. I also invite you to read these articles: Victoria romantic getaway, Winery Beechworth the ultimate list, The Best Things To Do In Albury Wodonga, Best accommodation Beechworth per category, Beechworth winery lunch our top 4, Visit Beechworth should be on your Australian bucket list


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