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Albury Wodonga

If you want great food, local culture & beautiful natural surroundings, there is plenty of choice here at Albury Wodonga. A haven for natural beauty, with growing food hot spots and killer restaurants with brewhouses and upscale haute cuisine.

albury things to do: murray river, murray cod, rainbow trout, etc.

It’s an ideal destination to explore and visit in the Albury Wodonga area with many activities to do.

What Is Albury-Wodonga?

Before we move on, please clarify what Albury-Wodonga refers to. Wodonga and Albury are twin cities located near the Victoria state border.

Albury is located on Murray’s north bank in NSW. Wodonga lies on Victoria’s southern shore.

albury wodonga murray river hume dam

The cities are close to one another so there is an easy way to see everything in Wodonga while staying at Albury and vice versa. It makes traveling easier and it is not necessary for you to visit attractions in both cities.

wodonga gardens estate

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Others restaurants Yarra Valley you need to try

Many return season after season to explore these fresh countryside settings incorporating their urban twist. January and February are the hottest seasons, along with holidays and Easter, the happiest holidays of the whole family.

albury botanic gardens destination nsw

Autumn and spring are cooler but with streets filled with varying colors as flower blooms turn it’s an equally delightful time of year for visiting. In the winter months, June to August, the crowd of people decreases.

The coolest weather happens in July; however, do not forget to visit since the days are usually sunny with bright blue skies in albury botanic gardens.

Monument Hill

The western end of the Albury major thoroughfare is Dean Street. A hill was completed by a monument to commemorate the First World War in 1924.

This white monument designed by architect Louis Harrison can be seen across Albury and several decades later it is joined by a memorial bowl honoring the military personnel serving during WWII.

albury wodonga region

You can climb a wooden hill from the city center and the height will give you an amazing view of the entire region. As we wrote it early 2020 works were being completed on road improvements at the site.

Murray Art Museum (MAMA)

Following extensive upgrades, Albury Regional Art Gallery has reopened for slick contemporary artists and contemporary art experiences. Even the building is an artistic work with its facade crafted to act as an “art-surface”.

albury wodonga south wales

This kinetic art, projection and light are used in all areas. The whole is connected to the original place which was Albury’s city hall built in 1907.

As for exhibitions MAMA combine traveling performances and artwork to give Albury an impression of place and identity.

Check Out The Army Equipment In Army Museum Bandiana

Anderson Road, Bandiana. Hours of Operation: 9 to 4 PM on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is a huge variety of uniforms from the First World War to the present.

murray art museum albury albury wodonga

150 guns and more than 150 military vehicles including armored trucks, vehicles and motorcycles. This is an amazing collection. It only runs for limited hours, I recommend calling ahead.

Glenbosch Albury Restaurant

Glenbosch on Dean, more than just a restaurant, engage all the senses

Experience The Wonga Wetlands

Address: 2377 Riverina Highway Splitters Creek. Opening hours: 7:30 to 7:30. The wetlands sit within a flood plain on the Murray River and have been restored to pasture land by treatment of waste.

murray river albury wodonga

Its lagoon and billabong network covers 80 ha. There are numerous animals and trees in this area. The wetlands can become full during the summer months and be home to pelicans and swans during the winter months.

Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk (Wagirra Trail)

This hike leads through the Murray from South Albury to the Murray Wetlands, connecting with several other walking trails all along the way.

There are two meters of wide trails that weave around peaceful riverside parkland in the heart of Albury.

albury wodonga murray river floodplain yindyamarra sculpture walk

This stretch of five kilometers between Kremur Street and Wonga wetlands has been enhanced recently through sculptures by Aboriginals from local communities.

They have been accompanied by interpretative panels and tiny videos you can view via mobile devices, and they cover local Aboriginal history and the importance of the Murray.

Cool Off At Albury Swim Centre

Opening hours: Sept., Oct., Nov. & Mar. Hours 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (M-F), 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Saturday), 9 a.m. to 7 There’s an outdoor pool that offers a kid’s pool and a large water slide.

picnic tables albury wodonga, albury swim centre outdoor pools

It is possible to take picnics on site and it is also available for hire.

Walk The Dam Wall of Lake Hume

Lake Hume Victoria Albury Wodonga Opening Hour: 24 hours. Pricing: Free admission. Lake Hume has been known for its dam since World War I. Over 1000 people have worked at the project since.

murray river river deck

After construction in 1936 the dam was the biggest dam in the Southern Hemisphere. This dam is today accessible to visitors – not only over a river but between Melbourne and New South Wales. A viewing platform is on the NSW side hume dam of the lake which offers beautiful views on the lake.

Glenbosch Albury Restaurant

Glenbosch on Dean, more than just a restaurant, engage all the senses

Experience Nature On The Wagirra Trail

The Wagirra trails and parks are a return 15km walk from the south Albury Trail to the Wetlands of Wonga by Noreuil Park.

local aboriginal artists wagirra trail yindyamarra sculpture walk

This walking and cycle path provides an excellent way of enjoying this place on earth. The entire path is accessible only in sections. In Kremur streets, our boat ramp is located where our vehicles were stored. Sculpture here by a local Aboriginal artist.

Discover And Explore In Albury Botanic Gardens

The Albury botanical garden is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. There are not quite the bigger gardens I’ve visited, but it has a great variety of plant species.

albury botanic gardens new south wales

There is also a good kids garden with large (and small!) dinosaurs and some garden attractions to entertain kids.

Walk The High Country Rail Trail

High Country Rail Trail Tallangatta Hour of Operation: Every day 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Price is Free If 15 kilometers don’t count, go along the High Country rail trail. The 78km trail from Wodonga to Shelley passes along Lake Hume on an old railway route so you don’t have to walk around the road all the time.

albury wodonga region destination nsw

The route was pretty straightforward till Tallangatta. From Koetong to Shelley this path is steeper when travelling on steepest gradients. You can still enjoy a portion only. We walked along a stretch near Lake Hume during our visits here in our area.

A popular place to walk is Sandy Creek Bridge.

Albury LibraryMuseum

Albury library and museum were redeveloped in 2007 under one stunning and modern roof. Albury Library Museum offers visitors from around town a great opportunity to learn Alburys stories.

permanent exhibition escape room albury

Crossing Place is an exhibition of cultural and historical objects that includes music videos, audio recordings and photographs. The development at Albury is represented by many interesting ephémere, from railways, medical facilities, sports clubs, schools and cinemas.

Glenbosch Albury Restaurant

Glenbosch on Dean, more than just a restaurant, engage all the senses

Rutherglen Wine Region

Albury sits on the northeastern flank of a vineyard which covers a large part of the northern part of Victoria. It focuses on Rutherglen town, which boasts a winery tradition dating from the gold rush during the 19th century.

rutherglen wine region

Rutherglan Wine Region is famous for its crisp whites and complex reds (Delphine Chardonnay Marsanne) as well as its sweet wines like Muscat and Topaques.

Currently, it’s Australia’s fortified wine capital. More than twenty wineries are within easy walking distance of the central Albury itself.

Take The Bonegilla Migrant Experience

Location: 132 Bonegilla Rd, Bonegilla Opening times: 10am to 4pm (from 9AM to 4 PM) Prices: $5 It is the most popular tourist attraction of Albury-Wodonga. It was built by Australians in the late 1940s and is the first of Australia’s migrant facilities.

children's garden nature lovers art

During their 24 years of service they had 320,000 immigrants in 30 nations. Why is this so important to Australian society? 1 out of 2 Australian’s are connected here. On this site, you can view some preserved buildings that are still standing.

Canoeing on the Murray River

Most of the best kayaking in the region is performed on Murray River. The two largest water-related companies are both in Noreuil Park. It is a Can-Boy Murray Can-Go rental boat which offers guided and self-guiding trips.

murray cod (murray river)

The two companies offer an enormous range of boats, including a range from sit-down kayaks and doubles as well as triple boats catering for all levels of skill.

You can choose between 90 and 5-day odysseys depending upon duration. Life jacket and paddle are included and you can go downriver with ease and more intensity at a faster pace.

Unwind In Noreuil Park

Address: WODONGAH PLAY, ALBURY HOUSE OPTIMIZED 24 hrs A DAY. It’s also an easily accessible location close to the Bridge of Wodong. The area is near Albury CBD.

great outdoors for public holidays

This area has huge gardens with shady branches, grills and table-side barbecues. Noreuil Park houses Oddies Creek Park, which offers great playground opportunities for children of every age. The park also has many different games for the children from 4 to 10 years old. Wagirra trails pass here. More on that in coming days.

Glenbosch Albury Restaurant

Glenbosch on Dean, more than just a restaurant, engage all the senses

Totally Fun Park

When you want total child entertainment there’s no better choice than Wodonga Fun Park.

belvoir park playground and mini golf

This park includes simulated reality games, mini golf, huge jumping castles, railways, laser tags and water attractions. It’s the best place for cooling down!

Glenbosch restaurant in Albury Dean Street

The Glenbosch Restaurant in Albury Dean Street provides visitors with an unforgettable culinary journey. Its menu features modern Australian dishes cooked using locally sourced and seasonal produce that offer a tantalizing combination of fresh flavors and aromas that will never be forgotten.

gateway village art galleries

Enjoy your experience while taking in the cozy, romantic atmosphere created by the flickering candlelight, the rustic decor, and the warm hospitality of the knowledgeable staff.

Everything from entrees to desserts are crafted with love, making this Albury Wodonga eatery a must-visit for anyone looking for a truly special gastronomical experience.

Albury Wodonga farmers market

If you’re visiting Albury Wodonga, you can’t miss out on the experience of the Farmer’s Market! With its bustling atmosphere and a wide variety of locally grown produce, it is an amazing spot to explore and find unique items that you can take home with you as a souvenir.

golden perch lincoln causeway

Whether you are looking for some fresh fruit and veggies to take home or savoury foods such as pasties, there is something here to please any palate. Alongside local produce, there are also numerous vendors selling delicious homemade jams, crafts, woodwork and artwork – so get ready to discover all kinds of exciting things.

Furthermore, soaking up the atmosphere while drinking a hot brew is an essential part of market exploration; there’s no better way to spend your day than surrounded by friendly locals and getting to know their products.


Visiting Albury Wodonga will offer an experience you won’t soon forget. From the fantastic dishes at Glenbosch Restaurant on Dean Street to the unique items and produce found at the Albury Wodonga Farmers Market, you’ll find something for everyone here. Additionally, Totally Fun Park will make sure to please children of all ages and Noreuil Park serves as a wonderful backdrop for a nice picnic or stroll.

Take time to appreciate Albury’s historic sites, museums and galleries while also making sure to listen to some infectious live music performances held in various venues across Albury Wodonga.

There just aren’t enough days in a week to cover all the incredible things there are to see and do here in the city of Albury Wodonga! Therefore, come visit us today – drop by “Glenbosch On Dean” for an authentic local experience!

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