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Beechworth Region

What you need to know?

Are you looking for holiday in Victoria’s historic gold rush town, Beechworth?

Then look no further! With a plethora of Beechworth accommodation options and activities available, Beechworth is a great destination for all kinds of travelers.

From camping and caravaning to farm stays, cottages and hotels for guests of all budgets, we’ve compiled an informative and extensive guide highlighting the best places to stay during your visit. Plus check out our picks and reviews of local tourist attractions like nearby wineries, cafes, restaurants and historical sites.

historic sites specifically designed modern suites

Whether you’re searching for a romantic retreat or fun filled family vacation this comprehensive list will have something to suit everyone’s needs!

An overview of accomodation at Beechworth for luxury travelers

For those discerning luxury travelers who want to combine food, leisure and exploration, accommodation in Beechworth offers the perfect opportunity.

From quaint cottages, full rooms, tranquil farm stays and luxurious hotel rooms, travelers can find a variety of accommodation options according to price, availability and to individual needs.

sitting friendly staff and free wi fi internet

Those looking for a truly decadent experience can explore Beechworth’s Australia exciting array of attractions such as delectable local wineries and interesting historical sites.

Whether you’re looking for an idyllic weekend escape or a fun-filled week of discovery, accommodation in Beechworth provides visitors with the perfect backdrop to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury Hotels in Beechworth Australia – Overview of Amenities and Services

If you’re looking to visit historic Beechworth in style, look no further than the various luxury hotels available for your accommodation needs.

Many offer spas and other services on property, such as VIP services, winery tours and fine dining onsite. Some also offer private outdoor pools and even private helicopter transfers from their property in Melbourne.

There are plenty of amenities to invigorate, relax and enjoy at any of the luxury hotels available in Beechworth – the perfect way to amplify your historic tour of this Australian town.

free on site parking and free wi fi internet

With so many options, whether you’re visiting for a weekend or an extended vacation, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste when booking with one of the luxurious accommodations in Beechworth Australia.

Tips for finding the Best Deals on Luxury Accommodation in Beechworth

If you’re looking for a great location and an unforgettable historic destination to visit, Beechworth is the perfect place. This historic and picturesque town centre offers luxury travelers a unique experience, with a variety of accommodation offerings that provide all the comforts and amenities you need for an amazing stay.

To make sure you get the best deal on luxury accommodation in Beechworth, it’s important to research all your options. Compare prices online and look out for seasonal price specials or packages that may save you money on your stay.

outdoor swimming pool hotel

Additionally, many of the finest accommodations located in Beechworth are independently owned and operated – so don’t forget checking directly with them to see if they have special offers or discounts available. Chances are, you’ll find some of the best deals on luxurious lodging around historic Beechworth when booking directly.

Types of Luxury Accommodation Available in Beechworth with free on site parking

For the luxury traveler, historic Beechworth is the ideal destination. With an abundance of picturesque landscapes and historic attractions, Beechworth offers a plethora of accommodation options for its visitors.

From historic cottages tucked away in the hills surrounding beautiful old buildings in the town, to large luxurious apartments with modern fixtures – there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

heritage architecture

For those guests looking for a truly refined experience, there are high-end hotels that offer five-star facilities, with features, from grand marble lobbies to saunas and spas.

No matter the price or what type of stay you desire, Beechworth has a luxury accommodation option for you – making it an unbeatable location for your next visit.

The Benefits of Staying in a Luxury Hotel or Resort in Beechworth with free private parking

A stay in one of Beechworth’s historic luxury hotels or resorts offers so many benefits for the savvy traveler.

With its stunning natural setting, historic sites and attractions, Beechworth is a beautiful spot to spend an unforgettable getaway. And, when you choose one of the luxurious accommodations available, you’ll be treated to the kind of highest standard amenities that make vacationing such a pleasure.

free private parking cellar door

From spa experiences to cozy evening lounges, your time in Beechworth will be comfortable and truly enjoyable. So if you’re ready to visit this unique destination and immerse yourself in all it has to offer, look no further than a luxury hotel or resort—the best way to experience historic Beechworth!

What to Look for when Choosing Your Luxury Accommodation

When it comes to choosing your luxury accommodation, historic Beechworth is a perfect destination. Not only is the town full of historic interest, with its many historic buildings, but there’s also plenty of space and opportunity to try Winton’s delicious cuisine and enjoy the rolling hills and stunning scenery.

located guests garden

From boutique hotels to spacious apartments, there’s no shortage of luxury options when you visit Beechworth. You can choose from a host of experiences such as spa resorts, historic stays, outdoor activities and much more.

 guests sparkling in ground solar

Whether you’re looking for an affordable getaway or an extravagant holiday adventure, Beechworth has something for everyone. Take a moment to explore all that Beechworth has to offer and pick out the perfect luxurious accommodation for you.

An Insider’s Guide to the Best Attractions and Activities Nearby When Staying in Beechworth

With its historic charm, Beechworth is a perfect destination for luxury travelers who are looking for something special. While staying in Beechworth, there are plenty of attractions and activities to explore.

walking distance garden children's playground

At the historic Old Beechworth Gaol, you can take a tour back in time through the convict-built buildings, followed by New Chum Hill Lookout where you can enjoy sweeping views of Victorian Alps. Visit Lake Sambell for a peaceful stroll or bbq picnic with friends, or take a short drive out to nearby Stanley to explore wineries and shop around picturesque Stanley Town Centre.

stonetryst spa villas sparkling in ground solar

Beechworth’s historic Gold Rush Trail passes through some of the town’s original settlements and features more show fifty scenic stop off points, offering spectacular insights into historic Beechworth. Whatever your interests or itinerary demands, there’s definitely something to discover when visiting Beechworth!

Beechworth cottages for A Rustic Retreat

Glenbosch cottage offers an unforgettable rustic retreat situated in the centre of the picturesque Beechworth region. From the seclusion of your own private cottage surrounded by nature, you can take time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

beechworth carriage inn, armour motor inn

Take pleasure in the quiet beauty of nature with activities like stargazing, bird watching or a bushwalking trai. And if you’re looking for a bit of luxury during your stay, Glenbosch also has state-of-the-art accommodation options that come with features like an attached spa and modern amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi.

bridge motel

Glenbosch is perfect not just for couples looking for a romantic break away but also for friends who are looking to explore this beautiful region together!

Glenbosch Cottages

Stay at the farm and have a wonderful time in good company.

Farm Stays and Beechworth wineries in the Countryside

For an authentic and unforgettable experience of the Australian country, why not explore Faram stays gardens and wineries located in the countryside of Beechworth?

A farm stay offers much more than just a room with a bed for the night, as guests can explore the land and interact with the garden and native wildlife like kangaroos and emus.

For wine connoisseurs, family-run wineries like Glenbosch offer unique selection and insight into viticulture.

children's playground

With stunning views of rolling hills and valleys, visitors can really enjoy all that nature has to offer while sipping a glass or two of high quality wine from an idyllic setting. Unforgettable experiences await as you embark on your country adventure in Beechworth!

Beechworth hotels & eco-friendly glamping options

Beechworth, nestled in the majestic Victorian Alps, is the perfect destination for those looking to explore Australia’s diverse countryside while sleeping in comfort and have breakfast in style.

From luxurious boutique hotels offering pampered rooms with all the amenities, to eco-friendly glamping experiences that will have you feeling relaxed and close to nature, Beechworth has something for every traveler who values comfort and class.

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Beechworth holiday park sure to check out Beechworth’s many cottages, farm stays, wineries and other tourist attractions during your stay in this beautiful region – a truly tranquil experience that you won’t forget.

Glenbosch Cottages

Stay at the farm and have a wonderful time in good company.

Discover Local Restaurants, Shopping, & Activities to Enjoy During Your Stay

During your stay in Beechworth, why not uncover some of the best restaurants, shopping, and activities the area has to offer?

Glenbosch wine estate is one of Beechworth’s finest wineries. Perfect for a day spent taking in the lush fields, Glenbosch offers stunning views from its quaint hotel and garden and a vast range of award-winning vintages.

 breakfast,  features

Why not venture around Beechworth’s historic streets, brimming with boutique stores and local fare for you to take home as a memento of your visit?

Tourists can also explore cultural activites such as museums, galleries or cinema houses that showcase some of Beechworth’s proud history. Regardless of your taste, there is something unique for everyone visiting Beechworth.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Beechworth for a Luxurious Vacation

Travellers who want to experience the luxury accommodation that Beechworth has to offer, need look no further than Glenbosch.

Located in North East Victoria, this accommodation property is perfect for an unforgettable trip with all the amenities you would expect from a luxurious getaway. From accommodation options ranging from cottages modern suites and farm stays to hotels and wineries, anything is possible at Glenbosch.

rooms availability

They offer beautiful rooms with stunning views of the region as well as top-class amenities like spa baths and outdoor dining facilities, among others. A wide range of activities are also available including wine tasting, horse riding or a leisurely ride through the heart of Beechworth.

Experience everything Beechworth has to offer in luxury and comfort with accommodation at Glenbosch – the perfect place for an amazing holiday!

Glenbosch Cottages

Stay at the farm and have a wonderful time in good company.

Accommodation In Beechworth 7 Stunning Suggestions

Beechworth Carriage Motor Inn

beechworth carriage motor inn beechworth carriage inn

The price is 149.49 AUD. The price is 129.50 USD for a single room. AU 149.49 AUD. The guests loved the setting beechworth garden and carriage inn!

Golden Heritage Accommodation

golden heritage accommodation main street free wifi

Rate each room is 154 AU$ per night 154 AU$ per night 25 March to 28 March Golden Heritage Accommodations: Motel with free WiFI and free parking. Located within national parks.

Beechworth Luxury Winery Accommodation

motor inn free wifi

Among the Gold Rush architectural, historic landmarks and beautiful natural scenery stands Beechworth’s famous cuisine and wine scene. This region has award-winning wineries as well as exceptional accommodations. Here is a selection of best wine accommodations near Beechworth.

Armour Motor Inn

free wifi access outdoor swimming pool

165 Camp Street, Belchworth VIC 37047. Rates start from $150.50-150 per night. 15 Mar – 16 Mar Armour Motor Inn: motel with free wifi and free parking. It is a good hotel!

George Kerferd Hotel

george kerferd hotel outdoor swimming pool

Albert Road, Mayday Hills, Beechworth, VIC 3747 The price is $163.97 per night. Its walkability gets rave reviews from visitors.

Beechworth Holiday Park

free wifi access

Stanley Road, Beechworth Victoria 37470 Beechworth Holidays: Pet-friendly campsites with free park and gardens. The walking is very pleasant for visitors.

Beechworth Accommodation for Big Groups

Are group tours worth the effort? Luckily, Beechworth can deal with your situation from both ends. It is a great destination if your family loves a lot.

It has sandstone towns for historical fans, charming eateries and wineries for foodies, shopping centers for shopaholics and rail trails for fitness lovers. As for lodging, we have suggested some comfortable, luxurious group stays.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable luxury vacation, Beechworth is the perfect destination. From cottages in the countryside to boutique hotels in town, there’s something for every kind of traveler.

Plus, you can take your pick from local attractions like wineries and farm stays to explore during your stay. With plenty of restaurants, shopping, and activities to enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.

And if you want a truly special experience, try glamping – it’s sure to leave you feeling invigorated! Whether you opt for a rustic retreat or one of the eco-friendly options available, we hope these tips have helped you find just what you’re looking for when searching for accommodation in beautiful Beechworth.

Don’t forget to check out Glenbosch Cottages so that your trip will be made all the more luxurious! I also invite you to read these articles: Victoria romantic getaway, Best accommodation Beechworth per category, Wedding packages: why choose Glenbosch?


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