HOUSSE, smart craft spirits for bars and restaurants

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Less waste, more HOUSSE.

A range of alcohol for bars and restaurants

HOUSSE’s mission is simple: to make craft spirits available to bars and restaurants.

How do we do that? By reinventing the way spirits are used in bars.

With HOUSSE, don’t throw away… but reuse and refill your bottles endlessly. This new Glenbosch brand allows you to save money on packaging.

For every 5 refills returned, the customer receives a 5% discount coupon. In addition, it avoids throwing packaging in the trash. Thanks to HOUSSE, fill your customers’ glasses, not your trash cans!

How does work HOUSSE?

Step 1: Order HOUSSE online

Your HOUSSE order arrives at your restautant/bar with a set of bottles, color-coordinated refill bags and a postage-paid return envelope.

Step 2: Use HOUSSE to make beautiful cocktails

You open the package and the bottles are ready to use. You can let your imagination speak and sublimate your cocktail recipes for the happiness of your customers.

Step 3: Don’t throw away, fill your HOUSSE bottle

Simply refill your eternal bottles once empty with the refills, until the spirits run out. An explanation leaflet is provided with your pack, don’t worry it’s very simple!

Step 4: Return refills and receive a discount

Once you have collected 5 empty refills, you can send them back to us using the prepaid envelope provided in your pack. When we receive 5 refills, we offer you 5% discount on your next order.

Step 5: Reorder on housse.com.au

We clean the refills and put them back on sale on the website. In the meantime, you can recommend others to never run out of HOUSSE spirits.

The different craft spirits HOUSSE

White Rum made in Beechworth

“Do you want your customers to travel to the Caribbean? Our Rum is especially made to suite any rum cocktail recipe.”

Vodka made in Beechworth

“It’s not the time to go to Russia, but it’s always the time to offer a local craft triple distilled Vodka to your customers!”

Gin made in Beechworth

“Based on our famed Glenbosch Original Gin, this one is a crowd pleaser & will make any gin cocktail taste better.”


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