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Explore a few FAQs for our cottages. Have a question that’s not covered? Feel free to ask—we’re here to make your Glenbosch experience exceptional.


Discover serenity with your partner at our idyllic farm cottages. Embrace nature, deepen your connection, and perhaps share a glass of our exquisite wine. Just 7 minutes from Beechworth, 15 minutes to Milawa and 20 minutes from Wangaratta, our retreat offers a perfect blend of seclusion and regional exploration. Few of your questions:

How to Light the Wood Fired Hot tub?

The wood fire hot tub will take about 2 hours to heat, but you need to keep adding wood to the fire. We use briguettes as it heats better and lasts longer. Plus we always love using by-products. See complete video here.

How to Video on You Tube.

How to Use Electric Hot tub?


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Samsung TV Remote
You can sometimes find your tv remote in the window charging. 
How to use the remote: