“Every bottle we produce encapsulates not just the richness of the soil or the perfect blend of flavors. It’s more than just a process; it’s a symphony of commitment and love for the liquid poetry that fills each glass.”

Our Story: A New Beginning

For over eight generations, the Bester family has been deeply rooted in grain and sheep farming in the Swartland Region of Western Cape, South Africa. Facing challenges with safety on the family farm, Glen Peter, Dirk and his father, Dirk-senior, made the bold decision to sell and seek new opportunities. Despite exploring various countries, it was the allure of the ‘land down under’ that resonated with them, marking the first move in 300 years for the Bester family.

Roots of the Love

Dirk’s mother, of German heritage, grew up in the Stellenbosch Winelands of South Africa, where the Heins family continues to cultivate grapes on vineyard De Clapmuts. Stellenbosch became the backdrop for Dirk’s burgeoning love affair with wine and where his path intersected with Nika’s right after his studies.

From Grain to Grape

Convincing his father to invest in a picturesque winery nestled in the hills of Everton Upper in the Beechworth Wine Region, Dirk, along with Nika, made the leap in August 2019. Taking over the vineyard in September 2019, they wasted no time, with Nika’s passion for business and their shared ambition driving them to swiftly open the doors to Glenbosch Wine Estate.

About Us

Family Tradition Living on

Nika, Dirk-Junior & Dirk Bester


We are farmers first

Our Story

Moving Tradition

Few things weave a narrative as a well-crafted video. Transport yourself to the heart of Glenbosch in the picturesque Beechworth Wine Region of Victoria. Filmed during the Cellar Door show in February 2023, this video serves as a captivating window into the essence of our estate. Discover the story of our vineyard and distillery as you embark on this visual journey, providing a genuine glimpse into our world.

Living the Dream

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to live out our deepest passions. For Dirk, the love for wine and the artistry of crafting spirits is in his very roots, passed down through generations. Nika, with her innate love for creativity, finds joy in every endeavor, whether it’s styling a charming cottage or orchestrating the perfect wedding.

At Glenbosch, every bottle tells a story, and every event is a canvas for artistic expression. Join us on this journey where passion meets creativity, and together, we craft dreams that transcend the ordinary.

Dirk & Nika x