Explore our curated FAQs for quick insights into Glenbosch. Have a question that’s not covered? Feel free to ask—we’re here to make your Glenbosch experience exceptional.


Discover serenity with your partner at our idyllic farm cottages. Embrace nature, deepen your connection, and perhaps share a glass of our exquisite wine. Just 7 minutes from Beechworth, 15 minutes to Milawa and 20 minutes from Wangaratta, our retreat offers a perfect blend of seclusion and regional exploration. Few of your questions:

Can kids or dogs join the stay?

Our enchanting studio cottages are designed for couples seeking a serene retreat. With an open-plan layout, they provide an ideal setting for rekindling the connection between partners and enjoying precious alone time. To ensure a tranquil atmosphere for all our guests, we’ve chosen to keep our cottages kid-free.

Why No Dogs? We adore our furry friends, but in this haven of tranquility, we’ve opted to maintain a peaceful environment for everyone. Our free-roaming animals and guests alike appreciate the serenity. And yes, we understand the joy—and occasional chaos—that kids and dogs can bring, as we have them too! Rest assured, your escape to Glenbosch promises a serene and undisturbed retreat.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that plans can take unexpected turns. To ensure fairness and transparency, we’ve crafted a thoughtful cancellation policy for our cherished guests. Please take a moment to review the terms before confirming your reservation.

**100% Refundable (minus applicable service fees) up to 7 days before your stay:**
Guests canceling up to 7 days before the scheduled check-in receive a full refund, deducting any service fees imposed by the booking site or credit card merchants.

**50% Refundable (minus applicable service fees) up to 48 hours before your stay:**
For cancellations made between 7 days and 48 hours (2 days) before check-in, a 50% refund of the booking amount is applicable. Any service fees imposed by the booking site will be deducted.

**Non-Refundable within 36 hours of your stay:**
Cancellations within 48 hours (2 days) of the scheduled check-in, including no-shows, are not eligible for a refund. However, you are welcome to send friends or family in your place.

*Initiating Cancellations:* Guests are responsible for initiating the cancellation process, with the timestamp of the cancellation request serving as the reference in case of disputes or uncertainties. The booking site records will be the final authority.

*Refund Processing:* Please be aware that refunds may take some time to reflect in your account, depending on your payment method and financial institution.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for our guests. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out. We appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy and eagerly anticipate hosting you on our farm soon!

Thank you for choosing Glenbosch for your stay!

Do you have laundry facilities?
No laundry facilities, but Beechworth is very close and has a laundromat.

Your wedding day is a tapestry of love, and we’re here to weave the perfect story for you. While our comprehensive wedding contract covers the details, here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive:

Is the cottages included in venue hire?

Yes, all 4 our cottages is included in your venue fee. You can book it for the wedding party or get guest to pay their part. 4 cottages for 2 nights is around $3200.
In the event that we cannot provide accommodation, say your wedding is close and they booked out, we will provide a discount to your wedding fee. 

Can we use your furniture?

Yes, any of our furniture can be used.

Do you provide drinks or food packages?

You can BYO drinks and we provide food from $60pp.  We can still provide you with drink package from $95pp or run a cash bar too. You are required to use our wine and gin on the day, or approved wine / gin (as our reputation is at stake) but you will get them at wholesale pricing for the bar persons to serve. 


Yes, you will sign a wedding contract when you pay the deposit to secure your date. The wedding contract package details and amount of people can still be edited upto 3 weeks before wedding. 

Is there a breakage or cleaning fee?

No cleaning fee will be charged if the venue is left in a reasonable condition. However, additional cleaning fees may apply for glass breakage, rubbish thrown into paddocks, vomit cleaning, candle wax removal, and stain removal from fabric surfaces. We enlist professional services for these tasks to ensure the protection of our furniture.

What's included with the Wedding Coordination?

Nika will be there to assist you during the significant days, ensuring you can relax without any worries. Two wedding planning meetings are scheduled to go through the details before the wedding. This ensures Nika is well-informed about vendor responsibilities and the flow of events on both the day before the wedding and the wedding day itself. It’s our way of ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to your vision. Also happy to do any styling on the day.

We have a big wedding, can we hire extra staff?

We can hire staff for you for the night at an extra cost. 

Other Questions

Few other questions we get asked: 

Where can you use gift cards and how long are they valid for?

Gift cards can be used at our Restaurant, Events, Cellar Door and Cottages. If you would like to order products online, please just call Cellar Door so that they can take your order with the gift card. Make sure you have the gift card’s 16 digits number ready. 

All Gift Cards are valid for a full 3 years as the Australian Standard. 

Is dogs allowed at the Restaurant and Cellar Door?

Your furry friends are most welcome on a lead in all outside areas.

Just keep in mind that our Alpacas might be around. If you are worried that your dog will bark at them or go after them, please phone ahead and we will make sure they are put away on the day. They do not welcome that kind of talk on their farm.