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Are you a lover of the fine wines of Australia?

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If so, then come explore some of the most stunning cellars that Beechworth has to offer. From Eldorado Road Wines to Star Lane Winery and Pennyweight Winery, each cellar door offers delicious wines from across the region. A visit to these vineyards and wineries provides an unforgettable experience with its history, hospitality, and culture as well as indulging in delectable food pairings with wine tours or a wine-tasting lesson.

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Learn about the unique stories behind each one; take your pick among Gold Medal winners and taste what makes Beechworth a destination for truly excellent wines!

Overview of Beechworth and its Wineries

The stunning rural town of Beechworth, located nearly 250 kilometres northeast of Melbourne in Victoria’s High Country, has been dubbed the “jewel of the North-East.”

For one thing, this area is home to countless cellar doors that offer a range of glorious wines. Visitors have the opportunity to take a journey walk through the vineyards and taste their way through iconic wineries including Eldorado Road Wines, Star Lane Winery, Indigo Vineyard, Glenbosch Wine Estate, Pennyweight Winery and Barrmutha.

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Each has its own unique stories and are passionate about producing high-quality wines year after year. These local wines will certainly transport visitors to another place when they shop in Beechworth’s renowned wine stores and cellars.

Eldorado Road Wines’ Cellar Door Wine Store – an overview of the store and its wines

Located in Victoria’s beautiful Beechworth wine region, Eldorado Road Wines’ Cellar Door is an experience like no other. Offering classic and modern-style wines crafted from estate-grown grapes, the store provides a wide selection of wines perfect for any occasion.

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Whether you’re looking for a crisp dry white to accompany lunch at your summer afternoon picnic or a smooth full-bodied red in winter, Eldorado Road Wines has something for everyone. The staff is well informed about the local juices and can help you find the perfect match for any situation.

Sample some of the beechworth unique varietals from one of their official tasting flights and explore what makes each individual glass so special – there’s no better way to become an expert on the Beechworth wine region!

Star Lane Winery tasting room – a detailed look at their award-winning wines, selection, and tasting areas

Star Lane Winery, located in Beechworth, Victoria, has been hailed as one of the best wineries in the region. With award-winning wines and a stunning selection, it’s no wonder that so many travelers flock to discover this cellar door.

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As you wander into the tasting area, you are welcomed by the knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have. From their history to which varietals they grow best, they have all the answers.

After enjoying a leisurely experience of various varietals, you can pick up some of their most praised selections from their wine store. Allowing for free shipping to your home makes Star Lane Winery an excellent choice for those looking for delicious and unique wines from Beechworth, Victoria for their special occasions or everyday enjoyment.

Indigo Vineyard cellar door – learn about their history and what makes their wines unique

Located in the Australian wine region of Beechworth, Indigo Vineyard offers a unique experience to its visitors. Established in 1999, their winemakers have years of expertise and knowledge in crafting quality wines that reflect the area’s terroir.

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From their traditional Pinot Noir to their bold Shiraz, each grape variety and every single vintage is expertly crafted by the skilled vintners at Indigo Vineyard.

Glenbosch Wine Estate

The place where memories are made.

Glenbosch Wine Estate small cellar door award – get to know the winery’s range of handcrafted wines

Glenbosch Wine Estate is an idyllic countryside vineyard in Beechworth, renowned for its exquisite handcrafted wines. This winery is home to remarkable craftsmanship.

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Experiencing their range of wines is like travelling through a sensory journey with creations such as the Shiraz, Cabernet or Chardonnay always rewarding your taste buds pleasantly.

Visitors can savour this harmony of rich flavors and textures alone or join in on a collective tasting at the cellar door with picturesque grounds providing an ideal surrounding for all wine enthusiasts.

An unforgettable experience awaits at Glenbosch Wine Estate, where every sip will prove why it’s one of Beechworth’s must-visit wineries.

Pennyweight Winery – explore the variety of reds, whites, and fortified wines

Located in Victoria’s beautiful Beechworth region, Pennyweight Winery is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and vineyards of the North East Victoria region, visitors to Pennyweight will delight at the incredible range of reds, whites, and fortified wines; truly inspired creations crafted by an experienced winemaker.

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All wines Pennyweight are estate grown, certified organic and bio-dynamic and made at our winery in Beechworth.

With quality assurance processes throughout each stage of production, you’re guaranteed to enjoy flavorsome and exquisite wines – perfect for a meal with friends or enjoyed solo on a summer evening.

Take an informative guided tour of the winery and learn about the history of alchemy of winemaking at Pennyweight Winery; come explore the serene land that hosts unique terroirs year in year out!


To conclude, the wineries of Beechworth offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience. With its lush vineyards, rustic charm, and amazing wines from each one of the cellar doors, it’s no wonder why visitors flock to this destination every year.

At Eldorado Road Wines you can find lovely wines of excellent quality, with an expansive collection for you to choose from.

Star Lane Winery is home to many award-winning vintages so be sure to check out the collection there.

The wines of Indigo Vineyard can be found throughout Australia and they have something unique and special their reserved for its customers.

Glenbosch Wine Estate is a gorgeous hidden gem that offers top-notch handcrafted wines that simply cannot be passed up!

And finally Pennyweight Winery has something special.

So come visit Beechworth today – come explore these cellar doors wine stores in depth, relax and appreciate the sublime vistas of this spirited region, before taking a memorable taste test at Glenbosch Wine Estate’s cellar door!

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