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It’s impossible to create an effective cocktail on a sunny day with no ingredients. Powered in the quintessentially British spirit, the most popular craft gin drink in the universe is an everyday staple since the original recipe was invented in the sixteenth century.

The cocktail.

And although tonics have an equally important and varied role in cocktails, they simply don’t exist without gin either. Why is G&T so popular in its own right is that it can be showcased in a way unlike any cocktail, highlighting how deeply it has developed in a world of so many industries.

What’s the reason for Australian gins?

In this article, we will talk about australian gin and australian gin distilleries.

Introducing the 11 Australian Gin Distilleries making craf gin


Introducing the 11 powerhouse distilleries making the top-notch Australian gin in 2023. From Never Never Distilling Co.’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin to Archie Rose Distilling’s highly acclaimed Signature Dry Gin, these producers are leading the way with their craftsmanship and precision in delivering some of Australia’s finest spirits.

Their dedication to superior quality is evident in every sip – so no matter which bottles you get your hands on this season, you know it’s going to taste great!

Never Never Distilling Co: Australian dry gin “Triple Juniper Gin”

classic dry gin flavoured gin

Credit photo: neverneverdistilling.com.au

Never Never Distilling Co has firmly established itself as a distinguished and award-winning distillery in Australia, thanks to an array of innovative and unique offerings such as the Dark Series Oyster Shell Gin and the timeless Triple Juniper Gin.

Hailing from the picturesque region of McLaren Vale, the Dark Series serves as a perfect example of the distillery’s pioneering spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of gin production. Particularly, it delivers a curious and intriguing selection for those adventurous gin drinkers who are constantly seeking to explore new and bold flavors.

The Oyster Shell Gin, a crown jewel of the Dark Series, showcases Never Never Distilling Co’s commitment to creativity and originality. This exceptional gin is crafted using oyster shells, lending a delicate hint of salinity that effortlessly complements the complex profile of botanicals, delivering a truly one-of-a-kind experience to the discerning palate.

On the other hand, the Triple Juniper Gin stands as a testament to Never Never Distilling’s expertise in delivering a flawlessly balanced and traditionally-inspired gin. With a unique production methodology that consists of concentrating juniper berries three times throughout the process, it packs a powerful and aromatic punch. Alongside these juniper berries, eight other meticulously-selected botanicals are carefully blended to create a harmonious symphony of flavors.

The result is a sophisticated and exceptionally smooth gin that does not err on the side of excessive sweetness, making it an ideal choice for both newcomers to the gin world and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, Never Never Distilling Co has carved a deserving niche for itself as a trailblazer in the realm of Australian gin production, inviting gin lovers from around the globe to indulge in their extraordinary creations. Their innovative offerings such as the Dark Series Oyster Shell Gin and the classic Triple Juniper Gin are a testament to their commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, distinctiveness, and an unforgettable tasting experience.

Archie Rose Distilling: Australian Dry Gin “Signature Dry Gin”

archie rose distilling lemon myrtle

Credit photo: archierose.com.au

Located in the vibrant suburb of Rosebery just 5 km away from the buzzing Sydney CBD, Archie Rose Distilling Co is a tribute to the gin craze of the 1800s. Boasting an award-winning bar, this boutique distillery is best known for its signature ‘Distiller’s Strength Gin’ which features 16 individually sourced botanicals.

From their copper vacuum stills, they produce a cold distillation process which helps to retain the clarity and richness of ingredients such as native sunrise lime, Geraldton waxflower, Dorrigo pepper leaf, river mint, blood lime and lemon myrtle.

This results in a unique bouquet of citruses and pine notes on the nose followed by a robust palate filled with spicy peppery notes and sweetness with a dry juniper backbone – making it highly acclaimed by many Aussies as one of the best gins in Australia. Not only does Archie Rose specialize in gin, but also rye whisky and vodka spirits too.

Poor Toms Distillery: Gin Australian “Sydney Dry Gin”

signature gin (aussie gin)

Credit photo: poortoms.com

Poor Toms Distillery, located in the heart of Sydney’s Marrickville, is renowned for crafting innovative and unique twists on classic spirits. Their exceptional creations have earned them a reputation for excellence in the world of artisanal distilleries.

One of their most distinguished creations is the Sydney Dry Gin, which was awarded the prestigious gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Liquor Awards. This remarkable gin is a testament to the distillery’s dedication to quality and exceptional flavor profiles.

At the heart of the Sydney Dry Gin is a robust juniper backbone, which is enhanced by an expertly balanced array of carefully selected ingredients. These ingredients include green apple, native Australian strawberry gum leaf, soothing chamomile, and zesty lemon myrtle. This exquisite blend is further enriched by the addition of coriander seed, angelica root, cinnamon, cardamom, and cubeb pepper.

The resulting gin is a harmonious fusion of flavors that come together to create a sweeter, more delicate taste. The unique and refreshing combination of flavors sets the Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin apart from its traditional counterparts.

To fully appreciate the remarkable qualities of this exceptional gin, it is recommended to enjoy it with a twist of lemon zest, making for a delightful and invigorating summer cocktail that’s perfect for sipping on warm evenings or sharing with friends at a backyard gathering.

In conclusion, Poor Toms Distillery has expertly crafted a unique, award-winning gin that boasts exceptional quality and rich, intricate flavors. Their Sydney Dry Gin is a testament to their commitment to innovation, and its distinctive taste makes it a must-try for any discerning gin connoisseur.

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Cape Byron Distillery: Australian Dry Gin “Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin”

pillars rare dry gin, fresh flavours

Credit photo: capebyrondistillery.com

Cape Byron Distillery, nestled in the picturesque McLeods Shoot, has garnered a remarkable reputation for producing exemplary craft gin. As the locale’s prime gin-producing establishment, the distillery prides itself on generating top-tier, quality products at reasonable prices for aficionados to relish.

The distillery’s pièce de résistance is the globally renowned Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin. This exceptional elixir’s unique flavor profile combines traditional gin-making techniques with a touch of local Australian flair and flavour, offering a well-rounded and intricate taste sensation. Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin is crafted using 25 distinct botanicals, creating a complex yet harmonious symphony of flavors. From these botanicals, the gin gains its robust body and balanced palate, ensuring each sip is a pleasure to the senses.

Cape Byron Distillery’s dedication to environmental sustainability and authentic Australian ingredients is evident in the sourcing and harvesting of these native botanicals themselves. The abundance of lush greenery surrounding the distillery serves as a fertile, natural resource for unique flavors. Many of these botanicals are gathered by hand from the nearby sub-tropical rainforest, ensuring an unparalleled freshness that imbues the gin with the essence of the local landscape.

Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin embraces the heritage of a London dry gin while incorporating the rich, terroir-driven influences of Australia’s native flora. Through this innovative and imaginative combination, the distillery delivers an unforgettable tasting experience that retains classic gin lovers’ attributes while expanding on the traditional palette’s possibilities.

Four Pillars Distillery: Australian Gin “Bloody Shiraz Gin”

world gin awards for gin lovers

Credit photo: fourpillarsgin.com

Four Pillars Distillery, a distinguished Australian brand with a strong presence both locally and internationally, is best known for its unique and captivating spirits. Among their innovative concoctions, the Bloody Shiraz Gin has garnered significant attention across the globe and is highly sought-after by gin enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Bloody Shiraz Gin offers a rich and intricate palate, thanks to its alluring blend of botanicals and others distilled through a distinctive wine infusion process. Starting with a base of juniper, the gin also features pepperberry for spice, cassia and star anise for their warmth and sweetness, and a fragrant mix comprised of lavender, angelica, lemon myrtle, orange coriander, and green cardamom. These harmoniously blended botanicals create a remarkably diverse flavor profile that stays true to its gin roots while pushing the boundaries of conventional gin taste.

In addition to the other botanicals used, the gin’s key ingredient and namesake, the shiraz grapes, are carefully steeped in high-proof gin for eight weeks. This period of maceration not only contributes to the spirit’s deep purple hue, but it also imparts rich, sweet, and earthy notes characteristic of the shiraz grape varietal.

The creativity from Four Pillars Distillery does not stop there, as they have also recently introduced other exciting and unexpected options for gin lovers. One of them being the Fresh Yuzu Gin, which sparks the interest of the palate with its zesty and tangy Asian citrus flavors. This new offering showcases the distillery’s ability to craft distinctive gins that remain entrenched in tradition yet embrace the evolution of gin’s role in contemporary cocktail culture.

Another standout product is their Ordered Chaos Gin, created in collaboration with QT Hotels. This inspired blend highlights coconut and almond flavors, showcasing the distillery’s willingness to take risks and experiment with unconventional flavor combinations. As Four Pillars Distillery continues to push boundaries in the gin world, its creations consistently capture the hearts and taste buds of discerning consumers worldwide.

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Adelaide Hills Distillery: Australian Gin “78˚ Classic Gin”

favourite cocktail flavoured gins

Credit photo: 78degrees.com.au

Adelaide Hills Distillery is renowned for their innovative and distinctive distillation process, which sets them apart from other distilleries. By utilizing a one-of-a-kind column and basket technique, they manage to preserve the rich and varied flavors of botanicals used in their exquisite spirits. This approach allows the distillery to create unique and memorable taste experiences, showcasing the essence of Australian flavors and terroir.

The core range of Adelaide Hills Distillery features their flagship product, the 78˚ Classic Gin. This exceptional spirit is characterized by a resinous mid-palate, followed by zesty citrus and delicate floral notes. It leaves a lasting impression on the palate with a long, lingering spice that is attributable to the judicious use of premium juniper berries. The 78˚ Classic Gin exquisitely captures the essence of the Australian landscape, making it a sought-after choice for gin aficionados.

In addition to the core range, Adelaide Hills Distillery also offers a special edition Sunset Gin that showcases the best of Australian flora. This remarkable spirit is crafted using a harmonious blend of indigenous botanicals, such as the aromatic strawberry gum, the tantalizing bush apple, the earthy juniper, and the vibrantly fruity rosella. These ingredients come together to create a symphony of flavor that captures the Australian sunset in a bottle.

The dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the accolades Adelaide Hills Distillery has received. Most notably, their Sunset Gin was awarded Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2022, a testament to the distillery’s commitment to excellence and innovation in their craft.

Through their revolutionary distillation techniques, unparalleled dedication to preserving the flavors of botanicals, and exceptional lineup of spirits, Adelaide Hills Distillery has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of distilled beverages. The complex and flavorful products offered by the distillery continue to capture the imagination and palates of spirit enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Old Young’s Distillery: Australian Craft Gin “1829 Gin”

lemon myrtle

Credit photo: foodmag.com.au

Old Young’s 1829 gin hails from the often-overlooked Western Australia distillery nestled in the heart of Swan Valley, a region renowned for its fertile lands and diverse mix of wildlife. Established in the 19th Century and steeped in history, Old Young’s has been carefully crafting their spirits to deliver a unique and flavorsome experience for gin enthusiasts to savor.

The impressive 1829 gin, in particular, boasts an intricate blend of botanicals that sets it apart from conventional gins, making it a standout choice for discerning gin drinkers. With lifted notes of cardamom and coriander, this gin caters to those who are seeking a spiced-flavored libation, offering a stimulating and delightful sensory experience with every sip.

Old Young’s utilizes the rare Tuscan juniper, a highly sought-after ingredient native to the Italian region of Tuscany, which adds a rich depth and complexity to the 1829 gin’s overall palate. This fine juniper not only elevates the herbal and floral notes but also harmonizes beautifully with the spicy characteristics of the gin. The Old Young’s 1829 gin is an ideal choice for crafting a classic martini or to be enjoyed as a sipping gin, allowing the layered flavors and nuances to be fully appreciated.

Priced at $75, this underrated gin represents great value for the exceptional quality and taste it delivers, despite being encased in a rather unassuming and simple bottle. The modest packaging belies the true essence of the gin, which is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems in the world of spirits.

In conclusion, Old Young’s 1829 gin presents a rare and sophisticated tipple hailing from Western Australia’s Swan Valley region. With its appealing spices and botanicals, including the distinguished Tuscan juniper, this gin is a must-try for aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Don’t let the modest packaging deter you; grab a bottle and indulge in the richness and complexity of flavors that Old Young’s 1829 gin brings to the table.

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Applewood Distillery: Australian Gin “Coral Gin”

lemon myrtle pillars rare dry gin

Credit photo: applewooddistillery.com.au

Applewood Distillery, an innovative and culturally-conscious distillery, pays homage to the rich heritage and traditions of Indigenous Australians by incorporating a diverse array of native ingredients in their craft. Through the use of these unique flavors, Applewood is able to produce truly distinct and extraordinary gin sensations that make the perfect addition to a classic G&T.

Applewood’s signature gin features an exquisite blend of citrus and spice that is a delightful elevation of the traditional gin and tonic. By utilizing native Australian botanicals and spices, this gin captures the very essence of the country’s diverse ecosystem, resulting in a captivating taste sensation that tantalizes the palate.

In particular, the Coral Gin by Applewood Distillery is a standout offering, boasting not only its vibrant lolly pink hue but also its fascinating combination of oceanic and floral flavors. Priced at a mere $70, every sip of Coral Gin transports the imbiber to the shores of the Australian coast, where the taste of the sea and the scent of coastal flora collide.

To enjoy the true quintessence of this delightful spirit, it is best paired with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a hint of raspberry syrup, creating a sensational blend that highlights the inherently Australian character of the Coral Gin. With its uniquely Australian ingredients at the forefront, Applewood Distillery serves as a proud testament to the exceptional flavors and traditions of the nation’s Indigenous people, ensuring that their vibrant culture is celebrated in every single glass.

The West Winds Gin Distillery: Australian Gin “The Sabre”

finger lime natural flavours

Credit photo: liquorbarons.com.au

West Winds Gin Distillery, nestled in the heart of Western Australia, is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition than it currently receives. Known for its dedication to crafting fine spirits, the distillery has become increasingly popular among discerning drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

In the picturesque region of Margaret River, you’ll find The West Winds Gin, a boutique distillery that prides itself on utilizing local botanicals and pristine rainwater in its production process. This appreciation for the unique flora of Western Australia, combined with a commitment to sustainable practices, results in gins with a clean, pure palate that truly captures the essence of the region.

One such gin, The Sabre, is West Wind’s flagship offering and has been making waves in the spirits world since its introduction. Showcasing a bright and aromatic bouquet of juniper and coriander seed, this handcrafted gin quickly gained recognition and accolades for its distinctive flavor profile. In fact, The Sabre has earned its place as one of the best gins in Australia, cementing the distillery’s reputation for excellence.

Remarkably, The Sabre’s exceptional quality comes at an attainable price point, with a recommended retail price of just $60. This makes it a perfect choice for gin enthusiasts looking to explore the diverse flavors that Australian distilleries have to offer, without breaking the bank.

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Melbourne Gin Company: Australian Dry Gin ‘Dry Gin”

world gin awards

Credit photo: melbournegincompany.com

The Melbourne Gin Company, founded in 2012, has been making a name for itself in the Yarra Valley of Australia with its award-winning, artisanal gins. Situated in the heart of this prestigious wine-producing region, the distillery employs time-honored, traditional techniques in crafting their exquisite gins.

Their flagship product, the Dry Gin, is well-renowned for its intricately balanced and sophisticated flavor profile. Sourced from the pristine rainwater of Gembrook, this exquisite gin boasts a distinguished blend of 11 carefully selected botanical ingredients that together create a symphony of taste sensations. Among the diverse botanicals, the recipe incorporates angelica root, orris root, and cassia bark, which lend depth and complexity to the gin’s foundation.

The inclusion of both macadamia nuts and Australian sandalwood infuses the gin with a unique, rich creaminess and warm, woody undertones. The honey lemon myrtle adds a delicate touch of sweetness, while accents of fresh grapefruit and organic navel orange impart a tangy, energizing zest that perfectly complements the blend’s overall complexity.

At the heart of every sip, the juniper flavor shines through, as one would expect from a premium gin. Yet, the clever arrangement of the other botanical elements ensures that each individual flavor can be savored and appreciated, ultimately elevating the entire tasting experience.

The Melbourne Gin Company’s dedication to producing fine, artisanal spirits is demonstrated not only in their selection of botanicals but also in their arduous distillation process. Employing a copper pot still in small batches, the talented distillers meticulously guide each stage of development to guarantee a product that is truly extraordinary in every way. With its impressive accolades and unwavering commitment to excellence, the Melbourne Gin Company is a shining example of the possibilities within the world of craft gin.

The Canna Co Distillery: Australian Gin “Myrcene Hemp Gin”

world spirits competition australian gins

Credit photo: theweekendedition.com.au

The Canna Co. (formerly The Cannabis Company) is a Melbourne-based startup shaking up the cannabis-infused products sector in Australia. Its flagship product, Myrcene Hemp Gin, has earned the distinction of being the only cannabis alcohol to have ever won an award at San Francisco’s prestigious World Spirits Competition.

This small-batch crafted gin, carefully distilled in Healesville and infused with lavender, pine forest, sage, rosemary, resin, cloves and woody spices along with juniper for structure, is perfect for adding a unique twist to classic cocktails.

But its $100 price tag may be off-putting for some consumers seeking more affordable options.


This list of the best Australian Gin can only be completed by other wonderful spirits. For example, I invite you to taste our Glenbosch Gin.

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