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Are you looking to experience the best of what Albury Wodonga has to offer? Look no further than this list of the top five restaurants in town! From classic English-style pubs and cosy bistros to unique Asian fusion dishes and gastronomic cuisine, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds at one of these great local establishments.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or casual family moment, these restaurants have something for everyone. Read on to discover our pick of the very best food spots in Albury Wodonga and get ready for an amazing dining adventure!

Introduce the 5 best restaurants in Albury Wodonga

A stay in Albury Wodonga is best enjoyed with a delicious meal from one of the best restaurants this region has to offer. For an unforgettable experience, try Glenbosch On Dean and its combined food/theatre that serves delectable bites and magnificent beverages from the winery.

For something intimate, check out Bistro Selle – a chic and cozy establishment serving up an impressive menu of Italian delights. Yard Bird is another excellent addition to the list, offering great steaks plus seafood dishes for discerning diners. If you’re searching for unique eats and homestyle cooking, then Din Dins should satisfy your yearnings. River Deck Cafe is also worthy of recommendation where freshness and flavor are brought together in perfect harmony. Finally, be sure to call ahead at 2640 on Morrison Street as reservations are highly recommended.

No matter which one you select, each of these 5 best restaurants are sure to have something special always waiting for you!

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Glenbosch on Dean: 9 courses degustation

You can satisfy your every craving at Glenbosch on Dean, a top notch restaurant in Albury Wodonga. Not sure where to take your next dinner out? Look no further! This gastronomic restaurant and wine bar offers the finest contemporary cuisine complemented with carefully selected wines from the Glenbosch winery.

Whether you want to share a meal with loved ones or enjoy an intimate evening, you’ll find the perfect place at Glenbosch on Dean. Enjoy a true dining experience as you indulge in Chef Chris’ cuisine. A true 9 course tasting experience where the chef will play with your 5 senses. The dishes are inspired by world cuisine, all prepared with freshly purchased regional products. In addition to this, you can have a wine matching with wines from our winery.

No matter what you’re after – a casual dinner, sophisticated dinner or distinguished cocktails – this premium establishment is one of the best restaurants in Albury Wodonga for any occasion.

Bistro Selle: for lovers of Mediterranean dishes

Bistro Selle restaurants in Albury offers an exquisite range of Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant has been providing the residents of Albury with its delightful flavours since the 1980s. Guests are welcomed by a cheerful ambiance accompanied by generous portions and delectable menus.

Bistro Selle’s menu offers classic cuisine like Greek moussaka, meat-stuffed peppers, chicken gigante and fettuccine con pollo. Diners can also savour Mediterranean-style seafood recipes such as whitebait fillets, oven-baked trout, mussels cooked in white wine sauce and more.

Accompanying its meals is a selection of New and Old World wines for guests to enjoy with their meals. With its pleasant atmosphere, excellent food quality and warm hospitality, it is not surprising why Bistro Selle restaurants have been a consistent favourite among diners in Albury.

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Yard Bird: a modern restaurant with an innovative menu

Albury Wodonga is home to many restaurants, each with their own unique style and flair. If you’re looking for a modern experience with an innovative menu, then Yard Bird is the perfect place to start. Located conveniently in the heart of town, this restaurant boasts a range of delicious dishes made from the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms.

Not only that, but their atmosphere and team are known for being welcoming and always striving to make your visit memorable. From starters like trout pate to mains like pork shoulder served with polenta – you’ll be sure to find something on Yard Bird’s menu for everyone!

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Din Dins: the best Asian cuisine

Din Dins, one of the 5 best restaurants in Albury Wodonga, is well known for its unique Asian fusion cuisine. A visit to Din Dins will surprise your tastebuds with the array of dishes that combine flavours and ingredients from different regions of Asia.

From their classic spring rolls and prawn toast, to dishes like Tom Yam Gai and Mussaman Cury Lamb Shank – they have something to satisfy any fan of Asian cuisine. The interior has a relaxed atmosphere with its mix of traditional Thai decor and modern touches – perfect for a casual dinner or special occasion.

What’s more, the friendly staff are always eager to recommend dishes based on your individual tastes so you can be sure you won’t leave disappointed!

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River Deck Cafe: a relaxed cafe serving unique dishes

River Deck Cafe is a relaxed eatery located in Albury Wodonga. Known for serving up unique dishes that tantalise the taste buds, your visit to this café won’t soon be forgotten.

Whether you’re in the mood for lighter fair or something more filling, River Deck Cafe has options on their menu sure to leave you satiated. Why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let yourself get lost in the delightful aromas and flavours of this local gem? You won’t regret it!

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Albury Wodonga has some of the best restaurants in the region. From Glenbosch on Dean’s food theatre to Bistro Selle’s Mediterranean cooking; from Yard Bird’s modern favourite menu to Din Dins spicy Asian fusion and finally, River Deck Cafe’s relaxed and unique dishes; there’s something for every taste in this vibrant city!

With so much variety of delicious food on offer it can be hard to pick favourites. If you’re looking for a treat, why not take a break at Chef Chris’ classic restaurant, Glenbosch On Dean?

Here you’ll find ingredients harvested fresh from his very own garden – truly the epitome of farm-to-table cuisine. Enjoy a fine selection of locally sourced dishes and exquisite cocktails to finish off your dining experience. So come out and enjoy all the deliciousness Albury Wodonga has to offer – where else could you find such variation? Come and discover Chef Chris’ cuisine at Glenbosch On Dean today (also, we have a restaurant in Beechworth)! You can also read this articles about: the best cafes in Albury, or The Best Things To Do In Albury Wodonga , Best Yarra Valley restaurants & wineries!, 5 venues with the best pub food in Albury,


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