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Glenbosch Spirit Club is a locally owned and operated establishment that offers an array of award-winning, handcrafted spirits, including premium rums, gins, vodkas, and wines. These top shelf spirits are made from only the finest ingredients and precision-distilled, ensuring an unparalleled quality and taste.

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Joining the Glenbosch Spirit Club is the perfect gift for spirits enthusiasts or anyone looking to keep their cocktail bar stocked with their favorite styles and flavors. Members can choose from a range of club options that provide a regular supply of spirits delivered to their doorstep, making it incredibly convenient to keep their bar fully-equipped.

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Moreover, members of the Glenbosch Spirit Club get exclusive access to exciting new releases before they’re made available to the general public.

This means they can be among the first to experience the latest offerings and expand their palate with unique and innovative spirits.


In summary, Glenbosch Spirit Club is the perfect gift for anyone looking to enjoy premium-quality spirits and expand their knowledge of the art of distillation. With its locally sourced ingredients, unparalleled craftsmanship, and variety of club options, there’s no better way to experience the diversity and richness of the spirits world.

How it’s working our spirit club?

Adopt the club of your choice


If you want to join the Glenbosch family of events, choose the club of your choice and take advantage of our membership benefits.

Choose the subscription frequency


We offer you to subscribe and receive the products of your choice every 3, 6 or 12 months. If you change your mind, you can change the recurrence of your subscription.

Select your club products like gin for exemple


Choose the number of products you wish to receive. We impose a minimum, but no maximum. Make yourself happy with our wines & spirits!

Create your account and pay

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Create your account and pay in a few clicks. It’s simple, fast and the payment is 100% secure. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Receive your first box

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Once your order is paid, we prepare to ship your package. It will be sent on the first working day of the month following your order.

Wait for your second package

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One week before the shipment of your second package arrives, we will send you an email so that you can choose your new products. This ends when you terminate your subscription.

What are the benefits for members?

By becoming a member, you have access to two main benefits:

  • Save up to 20% on our products Depending on the frequency of shipment (every 2, 4, 6 or 12 months)

  • Saving on our services: you get a 5% discount on our cottages, restaurants and cellar-door (on presentation of your membership card that we send you when you order).

  • New products before release: When we release a new product, we allow you to buy it a week before it is released.

  • Exclusive member offers: As our stocks are limited, you will receive our offers before we communicate. And some surprises…

Glenbosch Wine & Spirits Clubs

The true taste of craft: wines & spirits Beechworth Region, Victoria (Australia).

What are my obligations after subscription?

You are under no obligation, you can cancel your subscription at any time and 100% free.

How many bottles of spirits can I buy?

3 bottles minimum

What type of spirits do you sell in your spirit club?

Purchase Gins spirit club

Gin Golden Granite:


This Gin plays tribute to the area and its rich gold history. The base spirit is made from grapes grown on the farms weathered granite soils. The flinty-fruitfulness that is so characteristic of Beechworth wines is carried forward over with the spirit into the final product.

In this gin you will experience the delicate balance between aniseed and juniper, earthy root botanicals and a beautiful lemon myrtle finish.
This gold flaked gin is made with the purist of gin drinkers in mind. Enjoy it on the rocks or with a basic tonic so that the gin can speak for it self.

Rooibos Gin:

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Our craft Rooibos Gin was a developed with some of our favourite botanicals and real Rooibos (pronounced Roy-boss) tea from South Africa.

Naturally caffeine free and very high in antioxidants. It just adds extra flavour to a fabulous G&T. Add it with fresh grapefruit, thyme and sugar free tonic to taste our customer and personal favourite drink.

Original Gin:


Our craft Original Gin was developed with all our favourite botanicals. This is a soft, natural tasting Gin we sometimes drink on ice with some thyme. This Gin can also be enjoyed with any type of tonic and is a great compliment to all kinds of cocktails.

Gin Honey Rooibos:

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The uniqueness of Beechworth Honey is a true reflection of bees, nature and environment. 100% Australian honey, natures gift to the world. This sipping Gin captures the intercontinental fusion of aromas of Australian produced honey and one of Africa’s super plants, Rooibos. Enjoy this sipping gin throughout the year, neat on ice, in a milkshake in summer, or in a hot toddy in front of crackling fire in winter.

Gin Coffee Hazelnut:

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In collaboration with locally awarded roaster, we have developed a unique tasting sipping gin. With a custom Colombian coffee bean blend that matches the complexity of this special Gin. With beautiful coffee, dark chocolate, and hazelnut aromas. This sipping gin is to create memories with loves ones & winding down after long day. Pour neat over Ice, use in various cocktails, or simply add some soda water.

Purchase Vodka spirit club


flavours mixers

Discover our HOUSSE vodka bottle and make your cocktails to date and travel to Moscow Mule.

Purchase Rum spirit club

HOUSSE White Rum:


Discover our HOUSSE White Rum bottle, the perfect friend for your mojitos.


We could tell you more about our spirit club, but the most important thing is to taste it.


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