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Yackandandah thing to do

Yackandandah is a charming village that has been classified by the National Trust. Its streets are lined with well-preserved 19th-century gold rush façades and original bluestone gutters, which add to its authentic character. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or follow the Historic Buildings Street Walk to explore the village’s heritage.

There are also several museums, antique shops, and craft stores in Yackandandah where visitors can uncover local secrets and learn more about the area’s history. One of the highlights of the village is the Karrs Reef Gold Mine museum, which can be toured underground. This experience gives visitors a glimpse into what life was like for gold miners during the gold rush era.

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Nature enthusiasts will love exploring the picturesque Yackandandah Gorge, where they can take in the beautiful scenery and spot native wildlife. Bushwalking and horse riding are other popular activities, as the trails are dotted with remnants from the gold rush era.

If you’re visiting in March, don’t miss the Yackandandah Folk Festival, which features live music, arts and crafts, and a lively atmosphere. The village is also home to many galleries, shops, and studios where you can discover and purchase unique handmade creations.


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When hunger strikes, visitors can head to one of the local country pubs for a hearty meal, or sample goods from one of the nearby boutique wineries. Yackandandah truly has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, nature, or simply enjoying the laid-back country lifestyle.

Eat & Drink in Yackandandah

Happy Baker: historic yackandandah

Happy Baker, a charming family-owned bakery, is nestled in the quaint town of Yackandandah, situated just 15km from the historic Beechworth and 28km from bustling Albury. Having opened its doors to the customers in mid-2021, the bakery has quickly established a reputation for its exceptional sourdough and delectable pastries.

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At Happy Baker, quality craftsmanship takes center stage, with a keen focus on preparing each baked good from scratch using locally sourced and homegrown ingredients. From the aromatic aroma that wafts through the air to the tantalizing taste, every aspect of the bakery is crafted with precision and passion.

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Whether you’re a sweet or savory lover, Happy Baker is the place to be for breakfast. Sink your teeth into their scrumptious pastries, ranging from buttery croissants to flaky pies, or indulge in their freshly baked sourdough bread, made with intricate care and attention.

Visit Happy Baker today and experience the magic of their handmade delights that speak of a love for baking passed down through generations.

The Guard Yackandandah

Gary and Samm extend a warm and friendly welcome to all patrons at The Guard Yackandandah. This cozy coffee kiosk serves up quality coffee that is a cut above the rest, accompanied by mouth-watering hot sanga’s. The Guard is located in a unique setting, being a converted 100-year old Vic Rail carriage that forms a part of the Yack Station Arts precinct. Next door, patrons can also enjoy the offerings of Backwoods Distillery and The Happy Baker.

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The location of The Guard at the rear of property in the township provides a perfect haven for visitors to relax, unwind and indulge in the best coffee in town. The Guard and the Yack Station precinct offer something special for visitors to experience in Yackandandah. From the quaint surroundings to the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee, The Guard creates an unforgettable experience for its patrons. So why not visit The Guard and experience the charm, hospitality, and warmth that have made it a popular destination in the region.

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Breweries & distilleries in Yackandandah

Yack Creek Distillery

Located just two kilometres from Yackandandah, Yack Creek Distillery has been producing exceptional whiskys, rums and gins for the past five years. The family-owned and operated distillery sources its grain and molasses locally, ensuring the finest Australian ingredients are used in-house for production.


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In addition to their impressive line-up of spirits, Yack Creek has also established an orchard on-site in order to supply their own botanics and garnishes. This commitment to quality and attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, as the distillery was recently awarded the coveted title of Champion Victorian Distillery at the 2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.


Credit picture: yackcreekdistillery.com.au (yackandandah)

But that’s not all – Yack Creek also took home an impressive five medals and two trophies, with their Black Strap Rum 002 even earning the title of Champion Australian Micro Batch Spirit. It’s clear that this distillery is a force to be reckoned with, and their dedication to both local sourcing and in-house production sets them apart from the competition.

So if you’re a fan of fine spirits and want to support a truly exceptional local business, be sure to pay Yack Creek Distillery a visit.

Backwoods Distilling Co.

Backwoods Distilling Co. is a renowned Australian distillery established by the dynamic duo of Bree and Leigh Attwood in 2017. Located in Yackandandah, the distillery specializes in producing exceptional handcrafted batches of single malt and rye whisky, alongside a range of gins that utilize native botanicals.


Credit picture: backwoodsdistilling.com.au/ (yackandandah)

What truly sets Backwoods apart from other distilleries is their unwavering commitment to using only 100% Australian grains, local casks, and native botanicals in the production of their premium spirits. This strategy not only helps to support and promote local agriculture, but it also helps to enhance the flavor profile of their products with unique and distinct Australian characteristics.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with Backwoods receiving numerous awards for their exquisite spirits. Most recently, they won the prestigious Best Rye Whisky award at the World Whiskies Awards, cementing their position as one of Australia’s finest distilleries.


Credit picture: backwoodsdistilling.com.au/ (yackandandah)

Visiting Backwoods Distilling Co. is an experience in itself, with the distillery door offering visitors the chance to enjoy a tasting paddle or G&T while sitting beside the striking copper stills used in the production process. Moreover, visitors have the best chance of picking up exclusive whisky bottlings and seasonal gin releases that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

All in all, Backwoods Distilling Co. is a unique and fascinating distillery that showcases the very best of Australian craft distilling. From their commitment to supporting local agriculture to the exceptional quality of their spirits, every aspect of Backwoods Distilling Co. is truly exceptional.

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Wineries in Yackandandah

Valente Wines

Dean and Julie Valente have successfully brought back to life an organic vineyard nestled amongst the hills between Yackandandah and Beechworth. With a deep passion for producing high-quality wines, the couple has revived the vineyard, which focuses on Riesling and Syrah grapes. Furthermore, they have plans to introduce Saperavi to their collection in the near future.

acclaimed artists

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Wine enthusiasts can now delight in experiencing the fruits of the couple’s labours by making an appointment for wine tasting or by simply visiting their website and purchasing directly from there. The Valentes’ warm and friendly hospitality will make any wine-tasting experience an even more enjoyable one.

national trust

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For those who plan to visit the vineyard’s accommodation rooms, a complimentary bottle of wine will be included upon arrival. This thoughtful gesture is just one of the many ways in which the Valentes express their appreciation for their guests.

Overall, the organic nature of the vineyard, along with the Valentes’ passion for producing high-quality wines, makes their establishment a truly unique and remarkable experience.

Schmidt’s Strawberry Winery

Schmidts Strawberry Winery is a charming and delightful destination set against the backdrop of breathtaking strawberry fields that span across several acres of lush green landscape. This winery is renowned for producing an array of award-winning wines, including the flavorful and exquisite S.L. Strawberry Liqueur available in three distinct varieties – dry, semi-sweet, and sweet.

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At the cellar door of Schmidts Strawberry Winery, visitors are welcomed with a warm and hospitable atmosphere where they can indulge in a variety of heavenly wine tastings while gazing upon the stunning views of the surrounding fields. Moreover, this winery is famous for offering farm-fresh strawberries from Allans Flat, available only between September and December, a date which makes it the perfect opportunity for strawberry lovers to sample some of the most delectable and succulent strawberries.

Overall, Schmidts Strawberry Winery is a fantastic destination for those travellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the peaceful tranquillity of nature while enjoying some of the most exceptional wines and fresh strawberries that Victoria has to offer.

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Art & Culture

Yackandandah Gold Panning

Yackandandah owes its existence to the gold rush of 1852, which saw many prospectors flock to the area in search of their fortune. Today, the region continues to attract gold seekers, with The Junction of Clear Creek and Nine Mile Creek being a particularly popular spot.

short walk, stanley state forest

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To prospect in Victoria, a Miners Right is required, which can be obtained from either the Beechworth or Yackandandah Visitor Information Centres, and is valid for 10 years. In Yackandandah and Stanley State Forests, prospecting is permitted, with panning only allowed above The Junction. It is worth noting that gold prospecting is a popular hobby for many locals and visitors alike, with the thrill of the hunt being a key drawcard for many.

Sluga Gallery

Sluga Gallery, located in the beautifully restored Athenaeum building built in 1892, is a contemporary watercolour studio and gallery owned by Charles Sluga. His artistic talent is exemplified in the array of original works showcased at the gallery. Visitors can marvel at the stunning paintings displayed throughout the space, as well as the award-winning photographs by Nancy Sluga.

In addition to the original paintings, the gallery offers a variety of high-quality fine art prints and cards. Art enthusiasts can also learn about Charles’ annual holiday tour to Croatia, which has been running for 18 years. Sluga Gallery is the ideal destination for those seeking unique and high-quality art pieces for their home or business.

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Charles’ watercolour paintings are truly extraordinary, with each piece possessing a unique vibrance and attention to detail. His artwork ranges from abstract and minimalist to landscapes and portraiture. Each piece tells a story and captures a moment in time. Nancy’s award-winning photographs are equally stunning, showcasing her skill in capturing intricacies in nature and stunning landscapes.

Located in the heart of the city, Sluga Gallery provides a unique and immersive experience for art lovers. Charles’ passion and talent shine through each piece on display, making every visit to Sluga Gallery a memorable and worthwhile experience.


We hope this article will give you an idea of what you can do in Yackandandah. If you are in the area, you are close to our winery and our gourmet restaurant. So come and visit us, cheers 🍷


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